Auditing Services at its Best

Unlike some firms, we realize that every non-profit has certain needs that are unique to them, and that they’re faced with challenges such as growing competition for funding and trying to do more with limited resources. As a result, we cater our service to each client so the daunting task of playing such a vital role within their community is made a little easier.

By their lonesome, under that type of pressure, unintentional errors can easily take place. Mistakes within any business can be a major setback. In a non-profit organization, they can be detremental. These organizations are stewards of the public and their members’ trust. An audit provides them with assurance that everything is in working order.

Maletta & Company specializes in non-profit auditing. The company has been dedicated to serving those organizations that are there to make a difference in their communities.

Our audits, our procedures, and our expert staff help to assure that non-profits are able to not only continue to do what they’ve done for years, but do it even better in the future by managing themselves more efficiently and effectively.

We work with our non-profits side-by-side to make sure that happens.

You Have Questions.
We Have the Answers.

  • Internal controls are
    set up to aid in the organization's functioning and to help it immediately meet its objectives.
  • Risk assessments are
    performed to understand the framework of the organization's goals and to understand the key processes that support the accomplishment of achieving those goals.
  • Audit procedures
    allow for the most thorough audit functions. Our tools allow for 100 percent examination of detailed transactions.
  • We remain current
    with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) and take part in continuous training to keep up-to-date in all practices
  • We offer several
    levels of services to better address the questions and meet the needs of our clients - no matter how big or small.

Services Overview

Here you can learn more about each service we provide, and select which one fits you. After you selected the service, feel free to contact us for further details.

Financial Audits of Non-Profit Organizations

Financial Audits address questions of accounting, recording, and reporting of financial transactions. Reviewing the adequacy of internal controls also falls within the scope of financial audits.

Non-Profit Service Groups

 We provide audits for a number of non-profit service groups, including museums, historical societies, religious organizations. Our audits help to assure that non-profits are able to not only continue to do what they’ve done for years, but do it even better in the future.

Agreed-upon Procedures

An agreed-upon procedure is an engagement between us and a client to issue a report on procedures and findings based on specific procedures related to a financial statement component or written assertion.

Non-Profit Taxation

Including federal tax return 990 and all applicable state tax return forms.

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits seek to determine if departments are adhering to federal and state regulations, policies, and procedures.

Government and State Single Audits

These audits are the examination of an entity that expends $500,000 or more of federal assistance. Its objective is to provide assurance to the government as to the use of such funds.